All About Rumour By Paloma

Haven’t you heard?! Rumour Has It…


I am a social butterfly and always arranging lunch dates to evenings out, as well as planning what the next trip is going to be. On top of socialising and planning I love to write, so I decided that I would review the different places I’ve visited.

Rumour By Paloma will consist of multiple reviews on a range of cafes, tearooms, bars, clubs and destinations. Including a rating system, recommendations, my experience and the need to know information.

You will have noticed there is a section called ‘Challenges’. At the start of the new year, instead of coming up with a new years resolution that I would likely break within the week. I decided that each month, I would do 1 week challenges to try and learn something new. Challenge posts will be in the style of diary entries, keeping you up to date with my experience.

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