Martello Hall – Hot Desk

Rating: ☕☕☕☕ Price range: ££

Hot Desk: Bottomless Coffee + Wi-Fi Deal

A wonderful new find.”

Customer of Martello Hall – Quote from Tripadvisor

The need to know:

Alternating hours throughout the week:
Mon-Wed 10am — 11pm
Thurs: 10am — 1am
Fri & Sat: 10am — 3am
Sun: 12pm — 12am

Cocktail bar come restaurant, offering Italian breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes. 
As well as many gin-based cocktails.

Hot-desking: Refillable Coffee + Tea and Fast Wi-Fi.

Times: 10am -5pm. 
Offering three different subscriptions:
£10 Daily
£20 Weekly
£50 Monthly


I have visited Martello Hall quite a few times with a friend. I originally called ahead on both occasions to make sure there was seating. I was told that I could just turn up and no need to book. As most people are at work during 10am-5pm there’s ever only a small influx of people in the establishment at this time. The staff was quick to greet us and run us through how the deal works. They took our order of coffees and relayed to us the Wi-Fi password. We were left to get on with our work. They swiftly made the drinks. Throughout our stay the staff would check up on us to offer refills. I found the staff to be very friendly and attentive and engage in a good conversation with you.

What to expect:

During a week day the establishment is very quiet. It is the perfect place to get on with some reading or work on the laptop accompanied by refillable coffee (and tea). You don’t really need to book a table during this time as there will always be seats available. You are sat down, menus are provided. You usually just tell them that you’re going to do the deal which they place on to the system. You are given the Wi-Fi and your coffees are made swiftly and brought over to you. If you happen to stay for the given time they’ll tell you 20 minutes to when the deal is to end. As usually after this time the establishment becomes more of a bar that’s always busy and likely to have live music.


There are many large windows offering a lot of natural light. The tables are decorated with green bottle vases and flowers. It is an open space with many wooden desks. You can say that the decor has an old decadence sort of feel. 

Any downside?                        

I wouldn’t say there are many downsides aside from prices. Although the food is very tasty, even the basics such as a margherita pizza is quite expensive (at £9).
Also, if you are someone who likes flavoured coffee do not expect to find that here as it’s not like a local Starbucks or Costa.
For some people the fact that it is not dog friendly might be a problem.

  Overall comment.                            

“You get your pennies-worth. Friendly staff, delicious coffee and superb Wi-Fi. I would definitely recommend Martello Hall to others and will certainly go back for regular visits.”

~Rumour by Paloma

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