The Shoreditch Bar & Club

Rating 🍸🍸🍸 Price ££

Pleasant lounge experience to full on party in the evening”

Shoreditch Customer – Design My Night Reviews

 The need to know:
Located On Shoreditch High Street
Smart Casual, 18+
Happy Hour 2pm-10pm (9pm Saturdays) - 4 Beers fo £10/ Selected cocktails 2 for £10
Free Entry (except Friday, Saturday after 10pm)
Min. Card Charge £10
(Taken from Website)
(2015, End of exams celebration)

 Everyone has their go-to drink but do they have their go-to bar? 

Well for a few months The Shoreditch Bar and Club became the regular for myself and circle of friends. It was convenient, had a pleasant lounge area and good tunes. I first stumbled upon this bar on my 18th.  A year later I ended up at the bar whilst searching for another in Shoreditch. It became a place of many memories such as an after exam celebration, a few birthdays and a leavers do. The staff are very friendly and accommodate for large groups. 

What to expect? 

Greeted at the door by bouncers who will have a quick check of ID and any bags. As you walk in, to your left is a cloakroom that you can pay for. I’ve never used it, I always keep my possessions close to me. There are two floors; a cocktail bar upstairs plus a lounge area with booths and the dance floor downstairs. If you have booked a booth you will see your name printed on an A4 paper stuck to the wall above the booth. I would recommend you book in advance as it does get super busy even during the week. The decor ranges from Tiki style mannequins to Chinese styled fans. They play tunes ranging from the 70s to recent music. Around 11pm they switch to ‘commercial-in-the-charts’ music. They also serve a range of nibbles-platters to share, burgers and sandwiches to cater for any of those rumbling bellies. 

Any downside?

Only recently did I discover how expensive shots are at this bar: Jager Bomb Shot roughly £9.50 

Perfect for a meet up with a group of friends. Great atmosphere, friendly staff, simple but expensive drinks.

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